Analyzing Rhetorical Artifacts

Ethos,pathos, logos, and kairos are four elements used to form persuasive messages. Ethos is ethics, or the intentions from the author speaker composer to persuade the audience. Pathos is emotional, the appeal to beliefs and feelings. Using emotions to persuade your audience is very powerful. Logos, logic reasoning appeals more to statistics. Kairos, a different type of time. To understand this element you need to understand the context and the community. You as a rhetorician should always pay attention to particular strategic moments or the kairotic moment.

Digital rhetoric includes each element.

Dove is a personal care and soap brand. They started the “Dove Beauty Campaign” in order to get more women to buy the product, but to also get the message across to all women no matter what you look like you are beautiful.

Just like in this Dove commercial/advertisement:

I chose to analyze this Dove commercial and their Real Beauty Campaign. I am going to start with building an analysis around the triangle. And also analyzing the rhetorical elements pathos, ethos, and kairos Dove uses in order to market to women.

  • Author: Dove
  • Audience: The universe
  • Subject: This commercial is advertising that there is not just one type of beauty. Everyone in the universe is beautiful and Dove celebrates all types of beauty.
  • Pathos: This makes the audience want to buy Doves products because they want to feel as beautiful as the women using this product. It conveys the feelings of confidence, happiness, and individuality  through the difference in race, the clothes they wear, the choice in the instrumental, and all of the smiling faces portrayed in the commercial. All women can relate.
  • Ethos: All of the women are regular day to day women. There is no one person that is credible in this commercial. Which makes women that are not in the public eyes seem just as pretty. This is something that i’m sure all women have a problem dealing with. Everyone wants to be perfect, but in this commercial t shows that you can be perfect in your own way. Everyone does not have to look the same in order to feel beautiful.
  • Kairos:  Young girls perception of beauty is rapidly transforming



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