The Art of Persuasive Speaking: Rhetoric

Rhetoric is somewhat a debatable concept. it may mean one thing to one individual and something totally different to another. For instance Aristotle said, “[ the function of rhetoric] is not to persuade but to see available means of persuasions in each.” While Andrea Lunford said, “Rhetoric is the art, practice, and study of communication.” I agree most with Lunford.

To be honest I never really thought this deeply about the word “Rhetoric” until the topic came up in class. I have always used the phrase “rhetorically speaking” when I’m asking a question. Because when you ask a rhetorical question it is not meant to be answered and an answer is not expected. It is clear that asking a rhetorical question is to make  a point. Rhetoric is the way to convey a message.  Just as speaking rhetorically it is to make your point known based on your emotions and experiences.  While reading Digital Writer I learned that you can find rhetoric in different forms other than speaking(orality) and writing(literacy) but digitally. As the world evolves and technology enhances there are more available forms of persuasion. This is called Digital Rhetoric. For instance the Bible can be a form of rhetoric writing.

Even taking a photograph, according to Roland Barthes, is not simply an act of “recording” whats in front of the lens, but a rhetorical process. Images are used to replace writing. (Morey) Even the alphabet is a set of images.

Some think of rhetoric as good and some think of it as evil. But its just a tool to pass messages along effectively. People have their own values and beliefs. And through their experiences they are persuaded. But when trying to get ones point across you have to consider the message, audience, medium and a few other things in order to craft your argument. If not you can offend your audience.

An example of Rhetoric in an image

This image is rhetorical. And that each different size heel(shoe) gives off a different perception of what type of woman she is when wearing them .