L.A. Experience

My Digital story is about my first trip to L.A. and not to mention my first trip to the West Coast and it was Grammy Weekend. This experience was very enlightening for me. It opened my eyes to see that there are so many opportunities in other places rather than just Atlanta and its possible to create opportunities as well. This trip also gave me insight into the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is where I want to be. My passion is music and this is what brought me to L.A. I took a risk and took on a challenge and it landed me this awesome opportunity. I’m an assistant to two companies a music management company and a firm, and although it was initially a work trip full of meetings and photo/video shoots it took a turn when the artists decided not to comply with their manager and the itinerary. It quickly became a leisure trip. It showed me that the industry is not all glitz and glamour. And you must have a tough backbone to stand firm. But I’m sure that’s with anything in life. Everything is not easy if it’s something you really want then you will take failures as lessons learned and strategically plan your next step.

The process in creating the Digital Story board was not easy. Well at least not for me. I had never created a mini movie before just the normal power points. So I had to learn how to put together this short film and also figure out how I was going to compile my whole trip into three short minutes. I was a difficult task, as far as the first draft I created a story board to help with the format and a script for the voice over. But when presented to the class they informed me to try not to go in order from day to day but to create topics grouping things together. Which should allow it flow better. They also told me to speak up because my voice was low and to focus on the point that I was trying to get across and how could relate to the readers. So I took all of the constructive comments from the peer revisions and applied it to my final draft. When I presented the final draft to my peers they were very impressed on how I took what they all suggested and applied it. And they were in awe that I created this Digital Story on my phone simply using IMovie.

I myself am proud. Its not the best but it is better and I am still in the learning process. I’m sure it is much easier to use IMovie on the Apple laptop rather than on the IPhone, but I had to work with what have.

Check it out below!! Hope it makes you think of a time when you felt like you can make it despite what may come your way. Take risks create opportunities and live life!



Digital Story Ideas


Digital story telling is used as a way for everyday people to share their stories through digital tools. Individuals  use this as a way of presenting ideas to others. These stories can also be interactive.  There are seven elements that make up a digital story:

  1. Point of View
  2. Dramatic question
  3. Emotional Content
  4. Voice
  5. Soundtrack
  6. Pacing
  7. Economy

Listed below are my just a few of my  life experiences that are meaningful to me. I’m only 29, so I’m sure there will be more to come.

  1. Brunch with my girls
  2. CEO Millionaires Boot camp
  3. Thanksgiving 2016 : Turkey Perfection
  4. LA trip
  5. Annual trip to the Fair
  6. Hanging with my big sister as an adult
  7. Runyon Canyon
  8. Beach is my happy place
  9. My grandma passing from lung cancer
  10. Being an Aunt

Out of this list I have chosen five of them in particular that have the potential to being created into a digital story.

Brunch With My Girls

This is a monthly occasion where five other women and myself get together and enjoy each others company.  We like to meet in the city at a quaint location and catch up on our lives. We try not to gossip to much but we do. We more so like to converse about what the next big moves. And of course we relax and indulge mimosas and wine and just have a good time. This quality time mean a lot to me its great to be able to have such a bond with other like-minded individuals.

CEO Millionaires Boot Camp

CEO Millionaires Boot-Camp was an event that I worked for. Initially I attended a previous event hosted by 2 Chainz manager. And was invited to be apart of the next event. Which was unheard of and never done before. It was advertised on all media platforms radio, IG, FB, Twitter etc. I was able to learn so much and create connections with a group of people that I will always be apart of.

LA Trip

This trip was everything. First time on the West Coast. First time in LA. And once again with a group of people that has become family. I work as an executive assistant to an A&R who owns his own management  company. I was able to meet and rub shoulders with elite people in the entertainment industry. I was able to do some sight seeing.

Quality Time with Big Sister

My sister and I were able to meet up recently during my stay in Cleveland, OH. She is 10 yrs older than I, and also my half sister. We just share the same dad. Usually we communicate through social media. Bu we were able to hang out and talk and chill. And we found out that even though we are so far apart we are very similar. We love the same things, have the same hobby, and share the same visions. This experience meant everything to me.


Beach is My Happy Place 

The beach. Its my safe haven, my calm place. It is just so relaxing. I could lay there in the sand all day. And the aroma of the ocean is so soothing, I have so many memories being at the beach. One memory in particular would be my firt trip ever without my mom after I graduated with my first real boyfriend. I was 18 at the time. That was just a fun time. And even a fun year for me.