Internet Dialect

What are Dialects and how can you apply them to the worldwide internet? Well according to Google, dialect is a form of language specific to a regional or social group. It is the way people converse to others. Like a special language that only people within that one specific group can understand.

The video, Are There Internet Dialects, breaks down the topic of internet dialect. It is not only geographic but regional and social. This includes word choice, vocabulary change, and the arrangement. These groups are also called speech communities. Within a speech community members share language ideology. And most people are not confined to just one community but to multiple communities. For example the internet is made up of many different social groups or speech communities such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn just to name a few.

Facebook is a  social media site where you can connect with family members and friends and keep in touch. You can also upload and post pictures and videos. From my experience he dialect I have on Facebook is way more conservative due to family members being my friend. They follow and watch everything I do. So I would not want to give them a bad impression of myself.  I am much more conscious of what I say post and the wording and spelling of my status’ are usually formal.


However Instagram or IG, is where I am more informal with everyone. I let lose and can really be myself. My pictures and topics vary. This social media site is easier to build brands and businesses. Easier to communicate with people you may would never be able to reach in the “Real World.” The use of hashtags are very important. Hashtags are used to find similar post, thus creating a mini communities within the IG community.

How people talk and communicate change from site to site.


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