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Advertisements have always used rhetorical appeals to lure in certain audiences. And without even paying much attention advertisements have changed over time. Take the #1 selling carbonated beverage Coca-Cola for example, if you analyze some the first advertisements up until their latest advertisements you can see the change in rhetorical trends over time.

Coca-Cola is an American carbonated drink invented in the late 19th century by pharmacist John Pemberton in Atlanta Georgia, originally intended for medicinal usage.



This was one of the earliest ads by Coca-Cola . Printed in the late 19th century, it advertised the product being sold as a patent medicine for 5 cents per glass at all fountains.

It was known as a healthful carbonated beverage to relieve fatigue and exhaustion. Coca-Cola soon began to become a beverage to refresh you after a long day, or just to relax because of the prohibition era. And was very popular during WW1.

Coca- Cola evolved as time changed so did the the advertisements. It became popular and depicted happiness and wellness and people could relate when drinking a “Coke”. It was a brand that reflected a good time.


Her is a commercial from the 1950s:

During the 50s living the American Life was ideal. Coca-Cola advertisements and commercials began to show wholesome families in leisure, relaxing, and being comfortable. And began to gain popularity globally. The advertisement of this product was not merely in newspapers but grew to radio, posters, and television.


Then skipping to the 90s  on of my favorite Coca-Cola commercials to date is the one that launched singer Tyrese Gibsons career. Playing just another person riding public transportation bus, he busted out singing. Thats when he became known as the “Coca-Cola Boy.”


As of recently in 2016 Coca-Cola launched their global advertising campaign in seven years. This campaign unites all trademarks of Coke brands and brings everyone around the world together, incorporating diversity, new products and the health and well being. As the world went through major changes Coca-Cola remained the same quality while making sure to change with the trends to appeal to the audience  and different eras. It will forever be the brand that exudes happiness.

I have personally assembled  a video ! Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Digital Analysis of Coca-Cola

  1. It’s amazing how giant the brand is. They had a crazy few backlashes because they tried to change their formula back in 1985. The PR image was such a flop that people still talk about it today –

    It’s weird to think they have a brand that’s so big no one wants it to change – and when Coca-Cola does want to change it, they really can’t. They have to introduce different products and people just compare it to the classic Coke.

    The advertisements they use are always really fun – they always have that upbeat music with people joining in.

  2. Alex Bulischeck

    Coca-Cola has definitely had some of the best advertising campaigns to ever be created. I used one of their print ads when it was still considered a medicinal product for my own blog! The company has definitely done well with its global campaign emphasizing on inclusion and diversity.

  3. Nice post! I always thought that Coca-Cola had fantastic marketing, seeing as they built up a brand name that can be recognized literally anywhere in the world. It’s become more than a product and has evolved into a symbol that carries a meaning with it.

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