Blogging for beginners

As I reflect on my blog assignments I have seen myself evolve. I started off not knowing anything at all. And now i have taken in so much information and i’m still in the learning process and refining the skills that i have learned. Understanding the basis of Rhetoric helps to better understand content creation. Over the semester I have grown to enjoy writing and I’m conscious of how I’m being portrayed through my work.

Here is my first blog ever on Rhetoric!

When I first began to write about the topic it was hard for me to grasp it. I had to go over the concept many times before I could fully understand it.

Its all about the audience and what will engage the readers but also reflect you as a content creator. Its easy to write what you want to say but we need to keep in mind the rhetorical situation. Everything is important. And it needs to also be professional. And intertwine text with images. This is what creates great content.

Over the semester I realized that I’m more of a creator than an editor. I have the vision but not so much the skills to fix it up. I have never been good at revising anything. I’d rather leave that up to the editors.

Overall the advice I would give to beginners is to make sure you understand your audience and that its always changing. You always have room to improve and make revisions.


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