Just Me Cherry

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My name is Cherish Baker. If you don’t already know, my first name is an actual word which means to protect and care for something or someone lovingly, to hold dear, or to keep in one’s mind. When I tell someone my name they usually say” Oh Cherish like…” and proceed to sing “Cherish the day” by Sade, or “Cherish” by The Association. Can we say AWKWARD.

I am a non-traditional student at Kennesaw State University, majoring in Communication with a focus in Media Studies. I have always been very interested in the entertainment industry.  I have taken and intend to continue to take the steps to get closer to my passion by attending events, conferences, and festivals to network, create and build valuable relationships. I have always been told that I am a very personable, intelligent, well-spoken communicator not only verbally but in a gestural manner as well. And that I should pursue something using those qualities such as being a news reporter, radio personality, or entertainment correspondent. While being an entertainment correspondent is something I would love to do one day, my passion is music and helping people achieve their goals as artists. I am very much into scouting and developing artists. Which brings me to my occupation. I am an Executive Assistant to an A&R (artist and repertoire) which I just a fancy name for talent scout. While I am scheduling studio sessions and taking notes in meetings, he is taking me under his wing and training me just as someone trained him. It is all about hands on experiences, you learn so much!

I am a city girl. If you are looking for me that’s where you can find me. I do not see myself moving anytime soon. With Atlanta becoming a mini Hollywood, there are opportunities arising all the time.

Overall I am a very spontaneous, easy going person that is ready for this adventure called “Life.”