Digital Story Ideas


Digital story telling is used as a way for everyday people to share their stories through digital tools. Individuals  use this as a way of presenting ideas to others. These stories can also be interactive.  There are seven elements that make up a digital story:

  1. Point of View
  2. Dramatic question
  3. Emotional Content
  4. Voice
  5. Soundtrack
  6. Pacing
  7. Economy

Listed below are my just a few of my  life experiences that are meaningful to me. I’m only 29, so I’m sure there will be more to come.

  1. Brunch with my girls
  2. CEO Millionaires Boot camp
  3. Thanksgiving 2016 : Turkey Perfection
  4. LA trip
  5. Annual trip to the Fair
  6. Hanging with my big sister as an adult
  7. Runyon Canyon
  8. Beach is my happy place
  9. My grandma passing from lung cancer
  10. Being an Aunt

Out of this list I have chosen five of them in particular that have the potential to being created into a digital story.

Brunch With My Girls

This is a monthly occasion where five other women and myself get together and enjoy each others company.  We like to meet in the city at a quaint location and catch up on our lives. We try not to gossip to much but we do. We more so like to converse about what the next big moves. And of course we relax and indulge mimosas and wine and just have a good time. This quality time mean a lot to me its great to be able to have such a bond with other like-minded individuals.

CEO Millionaires Boot Camp

CEO Millionaires Boot-Camp was an event that I worked for. Initially I attended a previous event hosted by 2 Chainz manager. And was invited to be apart of the next event. Which was unheard of and never done before. It was advertised on all media platforms radio, IG, FB, Twitter etc. I was able to learn so much and create connections with a group of people that I will always be apart of.

LA Trip

This trip was everything. First time on the West Coast. First time in LA. And once again with a group of people that has become family. I work as an executive assistant to an A&R who owns his own management  company. I was able to meet and rub shoulders with elite people in the entertainment industry. I was able to do some sight seeing.

Quality Time with Big Sister

My sister and I were able to meet up recently during my stay in Cleveland, OH. She is 10 yrs older than I, and also my half sister. We just share the same dad. Usually we communicate through social media. Bu we were able to hang out and talk and chill. And we found out that even though we are so far apart we are very similar. We love the same things, have the same hobby, and share the same visions. This experience meant everything to me.


Beach is My Happy Place 

The beach. Its my safe haven, my calm place. It is just so relaxing. I could lay there in the sand all day. And the aroma of the ocean is so soothing, I have so many memories being at the beach. One memory in particular would be my firt trip ever without my mom after I graduated with my first real boyfriend. I was 18 at the time. That was just a fun time. And even a fun year for me.



What is a Meme?

Meme, is a word that is no stranger to today’s digital culture. It was first coined by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. He compared a meme to genes and evolution. It is very similar due to how a gene can imitate itself. Dawkins was inspired by the Greek word Enthymeme, which means an argument in which one premise is not explicitly stated.

Arguments usually have :

  • Major Premise
  • Minor Premise
  • Hidden Premise
  • Conclusion

The classic Enthymeme example is

  1. All men are mortal
  2. Socrates is man
  3. Therefore, Socrates is mortal

Enthymemes can be persuasive and less persuasive, it helps makes arguments readable.  Often premises are hidden. A hidden premise is not actually stated when an argument is presented. They are not mentioned but assumed. But in order to get to the conclusion. When the hidden premise is verbally expressed it confirms the argument.

Our culture is changing. And just like Enthymemes, memes use premises and a conclusion, but with images. The audience determines the conclusion based on the culture. Depending on the culture or society you are apart of determines if you will understand or can relate to the meme.

Memes help understand digital culture.

Just like this Arthur fist meme:

If you do not know of Arthur then you would not know that this is an image of Arthurs fist. Arthur is a children’s television series. But even though someone may not have ever watched Arthur before you can relate this image to frustration or a specific situation when one has been infuriated. And most of the time this meme is accompanied by words that give a conclusion that this is how you feel.

Memes are participatory, meaning anyone can change it or repackage/remix it in a way they want to and it could eventually go viral!

Here is a Meme that I created.



Digital Analysis of Coca-Cola


Advertisements have always used rhetorical appeals to lure in certain audiences. And without even paying much attention advertisements have changed over time. Take the #1 selling carbonated beverage Coca-Cola for example, if you analyze some the first advertisements up until their latest advertisements you can see the change in rhetorical trends over time.

Coca-Cola is an American carbonated drink invented in the late 19th century by pharmacist John Pemberton in Atlanta Georgia, originally intended for medicinal usage.



This was one of the earliest ads by Coca-Cola . Printed in the late 19th century, it advertised the product being sold as a patent medicine for 5 cents per glass at all fountains.

It was known as a healthful carbonated beverage to relieve fatigue and exhaustion. Coca-Cola soon began to become a beverage to refresh you after a long day, or just to relax because of the prohibition era. And was very popular during WW1.

Coca- Cola evolved as time changed so did the the advertisements. It became popular and depicted happiness and wellness and people could relate when drinking a “Coke”. It was a brand that reflected a good time.


Her is a commercial from the 1950s:

During the 50s living the American Life was ideal. Coca-Cola advertisements and commercials began to show wholesome families in leisure, relaxing, and being comfortable. And began to gain popularity globally. The advertisement of this product was not merely in newspapers but grew to radio, posters, and television.


Then skipping to the 90s  on of my favorite Coca-Cola commercials to date is the one that launched singer Tyrese Gibsons career. Playing just another person riding public transportation bus, he busted out singing. Thats when he became known as the “Coca-Cola Boy.”


As of recently in 2016 Coca-Cola launched their global advertising campaign in seven years. This campaign unites all trademarks of Coke brands and brings everyone around the world together, incorporating diversity, new products and the health and well being. As the world went through major changes Coca-Cola remained the same quality while making sure to change with the trends to appeal to the audience  and different eras. It will forever be the brand that exudes happiness.

I have personally assembled  a video ! Enjoy!