Immersive Experience

Let the adventures begin! 

I was able to visit Sarasota Fl. on two separate occasions. Each time was a very different experience.

I had never heard of the place until my sister had brought it to my attention. She had recently seen a few of the restaurants on the Travel Channel and insisted we and a few friends take a mini road trip just to check out the signature meals seen on TV.

So for my sisters birthday weekend we packed our bags and headed south for a day!


On Separate Occasions

My first experience in Sarasota was very chill. My girlfriends and I only planned to stay a night just enough time to sight see, lounge at the beach, and grab a bite to eat at the restaurant Munchies 420. We got there very early on a Saturday morning at the end of August. Not many cars on the road and not much a variety of people in sight. We decided to find the beach and take a look. And it was beautiful and quiet. And there were tons of older people basking in the sun. And it seemed to us that we were the only group of black girls there. We asked ourselves “where are all of the beautiful people?”

All we saw were older wonderful people. Retired wonderful people at that. Lol, I’m sure you’re wondering why my friends and I refer to whites as “Wonderful” and blacks as “Beautiful” people, it all started when my sisters daughter started to understand the difference between skin color. So to speak in code was the easiest way not to offend anyone.

After being able to count how many people were of other nationalities than white on our hands, we decided to take a look into the statistics. And the demographics showed the city was 80% white! Which we didn’t mind at all just very curious.


The whole reason for taking this mini road trip was to indulge in a certain sandwich called the “FAT SANDY”. And boy oh boy was it good.

My second experience was with my family. We were not able to relax and have a real vacation so this second time around my sister and I decided to take the family to experience Sarasota. We had told my mother how quiet and beautiful it was during our stay that weekend. And described to her how much more beautiful the sand was at Siesta key Beach compared to her favorite, Tybee Island.

The only time we as a family were all available was the week of spring break. We thought we were avoiding the young spring break crowd but actually ended u in the midst of it all! Unlike the first time it being quiet and us being almost the only people on the beach, you could no find a spot to relax and crack open your favorite beverage without someone stepping over your belongings or possibly being hit by a flying football or Frisbee.

It was not like the Panama City Beach crowd rowdy and young adults booing music through their portable speakers. More like families having a good time.

After leaving the beach we had all worked up an appetite and decided to walk along the strip. By this time is was getting late and everything was about to close within the next hour. So we had to make a decision, and make it quick or it as going to be Burger King for dinner. The last restaurant on the strip was called  “Old Salty Dog”.

Little did we know that we had stumbled upon a gem. After taking a look at the menu we knew we had to order the “Salty Dog”,  which was also seen on the TV show Man vs. Food.

And once again boy oh boy was it good!

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